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The tool you need to monitor your job searches, find your nearby jobs or remote jobs.

Your job search under control. — We make the job search not like a full time job for you.

Job Search takes many hours

  • What are the best websites to find a job?
  • Where can I find the best jobs?
  • How much time should I spend looking for new jobs?
  • How can I look for new jobs when I'm busy with my current job?
  • I don't want to waste time every day, is there a better way?
  • Did I miss any high paying jobs this week?

You'll waste valuable time filtering through hundreds of job listings, on hundreds of websites.

What if the best jobs are found for you and collected in a single, easily verifiable location?


We get the jobs from different portals.

The jobs of the most important web portals in a single panel. We are continuously working on the integration of new websites and their job offers.

Imagine your future

  • Not having to scan hundreds of job board websites every day.
  • Higher wage on your new job!
  • Finding a new job that's not so far away!
  • What if you had a personal assistant looking for potential jobs?

Sounds great, right? What if finding a job was as simple as logging in and getting a list with just the most suitable jobs available for you today?

Save time

We know how hard it is to find a job, so we've created this service to help you spend less time looking for a job.

Less stress

Spending hours and hours, on different sites looking for that next great job can be a painful, stressful and tedious process.

120k+ jobs

Every day we have more integrations with more websites. Which means that every day we have new job offers for you.

We have a FREE version

Free members get access to potential jobs at no cost, updated daily.

Pay a premium plan to get access to all filters and other interesting features.


If you're new or just need the basics, this plan is a great way.


Full access to job search tools. Most people start here.


The ideal plan for those who want to keep up with all the job offers.