Head of Information Security

2020-11-12 remotive.io
USA Only
The Head of Information Security will lead the data security strategy and manage the company’s data protection risk. This highly visible leadership role will have responsibility for interfacing with a variety of stakeholders such as the enterprise customers, internal and external subject matter experts in Engineering, Product, Legal, Procurement, Customer Success, Operations, Data Science, and Human Resources. This highly collaborative leadership role is at the forefront of information security best practices; shaping strategy and building the internal processes and activities to build a corporate culture with a world-class focus on data security. More specific duties include but are notlimited to: developing, implementing and maintaining for security strategy and information risk management systems within the organization; ensuring all technical and operational systems adhere to applicable laws and regulations; collaborating with internal legal andprivacy teams reviewing contracts, vendor security/privacy assessments and Data Protection Impact Assessments; directing critical processes such as Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plans with support from executive team members; developing internal policies and procedures and training for internal employees and contractors to raise awareness about data security; preventing, detecting, and responding to data security incidents and threats to the enterprise from internal and external vectors and reviewing and auditing internal data handling for best practices with regular assessments of operational processes and software systems for potential vulnerabilities and areas for improvement.

Minimum Requirements:
Education: Master Degree in Computer Science
Training: None
Experience: 24 Months in Same or Similar Position
Other: In lieu of the above listed Master Degree and work experience, asuitable and acceptable substitute is a Bachelor Degree in computer
Science or foreign equivalent and 5 Years of progressive, post-baccalaureate work experience.