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SBG TACO, LLC - Fuzzy's Taco Shop
SALES: Service Crew members are responsible for all aspects of our guests experience. Priorities are as follows: Promptly welcome each guest and meet them at the POS station. Guide the order process, consistently engaging the affiliated Steps of Service: offer menu knowledge and education, upsell a food item, sell a beverage, and demonstrate accurate POS usage Make alcoholic drinks promptly, before the guest leaves the POS area whenever possible. Ensure the guest knows how to pick up drinks (NA or alcohol), appetizers, and meals When there are no guests in queue, sales staff should promptly leave the POS area to engage guests in the dining room, providing table touches to all guests who have received their meals Complete all side work per the priority list our great food tastes better in a clean and safe environment! Support follow-up guest needs, including phone, delivery & OLO pickup. Thank all guests with an invitation to return soon n BAR: All Service Crew members should be capable of making a shops essential drink menu. Business needs may necessitate staffing Service Crew members with more extensive knowledge and skills related to traditional bartending. In this case, this role is certified beyond the standard Service Crew duties. Priorities are as follows: Ensure all bar drinks are made promptly, efficiently, and accurately, supporting the non-bar-focused service crew with drink-making as needed, and educating guests on their bar menu options as needed Provide great bar service to all bar-seated guests, upselling appetizers and other menu items, and following up with any service needs. Manage tabs and bar safety for all guests Manage correct supply of batches, backups, garnishes, and stocked inventory Support the shop with table touches, to enhance overall guest experience and elevate the fun atmosphere throughout the entire dining room Any remaining downtime should be filled with continuous cleaning-based side work, from the maintaining the basics to ensuring deep cleaning schedules are current BAR Confidential & Proprietary n EXPEDITER (EXPO): Expediting completed tickets is often a Managers role, but at times may be completed by Service Crew members. In this case, this role is certified beyond the standard Service Crew duties. Priorities are as follows: Ensure all meals are made/modified accurately, and represent Fuzzys standards of portion, plating, and quality Support all guests in collecting their appetizers and meals with high efficiency after completion Maintain food safety with gloves and proper uniform, and enhance guest experience with a cool, positive attitude Serve as the singular point of communication between staff and guests in the FOH and the kitchen crew. Focus attention on the FOH to identify guests or staff with needs, and address them promptly Track and manage ticket times and troubleshoot issues promptly to ensure prompt pickup of meals When there are no tickets or pickup issues to address, the Expo should promptly move into the dining room at large and engage in table touches or other guest service follow-up PandoLogic.Category: Restaurant & Food Service, Keywords: Bartender

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